2014 Workshops

In 2014 we had a great choice of workshops on offer

Map Reading

Navigation for Nordic walkers

We all love sat navs but none of us should rely on them solely – this workshop will go back to basics and look at how we can all make sure we know where we are and how to get back to the car or home in any conditions…with our without help from our gadgets!

Make sure you are fully equipped and skilled to take groups in to the areas you want to and can manage any situation that may arise when there!

The DO-DO’s and Don’ts of allowing dogs into classes!

This workshop explores the practicalities, legalities and social issues surrounding our four legged friends.Learn how to manage them, their owners and others people in the group. PLUS how it may affect insurance and risk assessments.

Its me AND the Dog!

Why not embrace the concept fully and go full out for the dog walking market with our ideas for professional, safe classes for simple tips, ideas and promotion of professional, safe canine capers!

Walking with Dogs
Group Walk

High days & holidays

Our holiday and events pages are packed with group trips and ideas for Nordic walkers and more Instructors are planning to take groups away on outings or breaks. This workshop is packed with ideas, examples and opportunities to get involved. Instructors will share their experiences and we will also provide some practical guidance on what you should and should not offer and of course……the liabilities should something go wrong!

Just keep rollin’ along!

New for our motivation zone – Roller ski-ing is the closest thing to cross country ski-ing you can do on land and for some of our  fitter Clients could be a natural progression to Nordic walking! Find out more  about this activity  – there may even be the chance to give it a go! See how a group of novices used it to train for a gruelling cross country ski race in Sweden and maybe even take up the challenge of joining a group attempting up to race 90km in 2015!

Rolling Pic
Group Walk

Introducing our Young Explorers Programme

Enjoy a practical taste of our new programme aimed at youngsters and families. We have built in the key elements of education and fun into pole walking that will keep minds engaged and bodies moving.

This snippet will help you appreciate the scope of the programme and to understand the skills required to deliver safe exercise to children and how you can gain them via NWUK.

Advanced Technique Workshops

We are always learning and improving the way we use Nordic walking technique to empower, educate and inspire! These workshops will ensure that you are up to date with the latest teaching methods, drills, advice and correction solutions. How to deal with poor co-ordination, over gripping, bendy arms and ‘funny hands’ – we’ve seen it all and have tricks to help you communicate effectively. Find out how our most successful Instructors are using technique improvement to motivate clients and keep them coming back!

 Advanced Technique Workshops
Social Media Pic

Social Media & Marketing Workshop

You may be already using social media or you may be avoiding it like the plague – either way, you are probably still missing the opportunity to engage with potential and current clients effectively. Our expert team have developed a simple guide that will help each and every Instructor to get their client engagement spot on! This workshop will ensure that you can get started, make your messages work and take advantage of working as a team with other Instructors to spread the word and capture the imagination of new Nordic walkers across the UK.

Our simple marketing tips will also change they way you think about how you advertise and promote your sessions….forever!

Equipment Review

Stay up to date with the latest product ranges from the new AKU shoes to the updated Leki and Gabel poles. Understand the key pole features from composition to adjustment mechanism so you can provide clear advice & information to your clients.

View the winter essentials such as head-torches, high viz vests and pole lights and find out how you can organise simple shop n drop orders that will save you hassle and your clients’ money.

Equipment Review
Working with Referred Patients - Best Practice

Working with Referred Patients — Best Practice

Chaired by our Exercise referral Tutors this double length workshop is for those who want to explore the application of Nordic Walking for a variety of medical conditions. Hear inspirational case studies and from Instructors with experience to share. A  mix of presentation and discussions that will cover a number of conditions from Cancer care to Parkinson’s disease.

Business Clinics

Good Instructors are often the least ‘business minded’ of people BUT at NWUK we believe that with some expert training and the right tools ….a good Instructor can become a GREAT Instructor.

Come and talk to our experts about the training and tools that will work for you.  Complete our simple ‘business review’ and find out what support we can give you. From sales and marketing to a web site and even a designated business support Manager. We can tailor a package that matches your personal goals (and budget) whether you want to be the next Branson or deliver a class a week!

Business Clinics
Working with Referred Patients - Best Practice

Behaviour Change

As Instructors we naturally want to help people to change habits, adopt healthier lifestyles and stick to them. Often, we apply a common sense approach to this but the drop- out rates of exercise programmes remains high. Find out what the evidence based models can offer an Instructor who wants their clients to remain as motivated as there were when they first turned up! By weaving theory into practice and understanding levels of motivation a good instructor can become a highly skilled instructor.