Presenters 2014

Martin Christie

Lead Tutor and Director of NWUK Martin brought Nordic Walking to the UK in 2004 and now combines a successful delivery partner programme on Hampstead Heath in London with training new NWUK Instructors.

Martin has a unique understanding of Nordic Walking technique and how it has been adapted over the years in order to make it appeal to a wider audience.

Jason Feavers

Jason has been delivering Nordic Walking since 2008 and became a NWUK Tutor in 2001.

Jason specializes in wellbeing and exercise referral and has played an integral role in the formation of the NWUK Exercise referral qualification and wellbeing modules. Jason Is the coordinator of the City of York exercise referral scheme.

Lotta Sutton

Lotta hails from Sweden and has cross country skied since childhood. Following a spell with her own personal training studio, she began training teams of women to tackle the Vasaloppet a gruelling cross country ski event in her homeland.

Due to the lack of snow in the UK she uses roller skis which are a cross between roller blades and skis and require a poling action similar to Nordic walking. Now she has developed training modules for Instructors and provides access to equipment and training camps both here in the UK and in Chamonix (France). Lotta is looking for team members for the Vasaloppet in 2014 and will outline how her sport has developed and how you can get involved.

Dr Fiona Holland

Dr Fiona Holland is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby where she teaches in the areas of behaviour change, health psychology and qualitative research methods. She gained her undergraduate sport science and PGCE qualifications at Loughborough University followed by a master’s degree in Kinesiology (Sport Psychology emphasis) at the University of Minnesota. She gained her doctorate at the University of Derby.

Fiona worked in a variety of health promotion roles in the US over 16 years, e.g. supporting healthy weight management then promoting university employee and retiree wellbeing. She also trained in therapeutic massage and had a private practice and consultancy combining lifestyle change support with bodywork interventions. Fiona returned to the UK and joined the University of Derby in 2006.

Her research interests lie broadly within health and wellbeing and she is particularly interested in body esteem and the benefits of wellbeing interventions (e.g. Nordic walking) on psychological health. She is a Nordic Walking instructor and is trained in exercise referral and leads walk around Buxton in the Peak District.

Gill Stewart

Gill is the programme Director at Nordic Walking UK and is responsible for the marketing, social media and development of simple programmes that help NWUK instructors attract and retain their clients. Gill has a background in wellbeing and exercise delivery that spans over 30 years and was one of the first in the UK to promote physical activity solutions and set up an exercise referral programme.

Commissioned by Bloomsbury press to write ‘The Complete guide to Nordic Walking’ which is being published in September 2014, Gill writes articles for several magazines and is passionate about spreading the word about Nordic Walking. Her latest NWUK programme the  EFFECTIVE WALKING PLAN will be available in the Autumn.

Trevor Madden

Trevor Madden is a Master NLP Coach and a Dale Carnegie Business Coach. He advises a number of large corporate enterprises and provides training for start-up businesses. He runs a successful NWUK delivery partner programme in Hampshire with his wife Suzanne. They are proof that, with the right skills and commitment, even fairly new Instructors can build a comprehensive programme. Trevor is part of the NWUK business development team.

Charlie Sproson

Charlie has always been active in the mountains, having learned to ski at the ripe old age of 4 He grew up in the Outdoor Trade, his Mum & Dad having an iconic walking & ski shop of the 80’s called ‘The Fellsman’ He went fell walking and camping from an early age, learnt to climb at the age of 11 and also skis and sails.

His knowledge of the outdoors helps him with his current passion of Mountain running in which he now competes at an elite level. Charlie’s infectious passion is combined with an immense amount of knowledge on how to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Mike Rollason

The business mind behind NWUK – Mike has created a number of highly successful Leisure based businesses over a 27 year period. He combines his passions for sport and wellbeing with a love of business and his portfolio of enterprises includes:

  • Ski and Watersports retail outlets
  • Watersports centres in the UK and Greece
  • Health Clubs
  • Ski Chalets
  • A major Leisure park that included a waterski cable tow and attracted over a million visitors a year.
  • A Leisure industry consultancy business

Mike was a Director of the Fitness Industry association (FIA)for over 10 and was also involved in the creation of the register of Exercise professionals (REPs).

Mike recognises that the key to success is belief in your product and a professional approach to every aspect of your business from sales to delivery. He is committed to helping all Nordic Walking UK Instructors to reach their potential and to provide exceptional service to the public.

Innes Kerr

Innes has 31 years of experience in the Health, Fitness and Leisure sector during which time he has managed independent clubs and national groups.

He has extensive skills in leadership, strategic planning, brand development and sales management in addition to experience in operations, marketing and customer service delivery.

For the past 22 years he has worked at a senior executive level reporting to and sitting on boards of some of the sectors leading organisations including The De Vere group, Fitness First, UK Active and énergie Fitness.

Innes is part of the NWUK business development team and his particular skills are in business management, coaching and facilitating others to achieve their goals.

Bart Piotrowicz

Bart is a valued NWUK Delivery partner who has successfully run his Stepping Out – Health and Wellbeing programme in Preston Lancs for 5 years. Originally from Poland, Bart is an exercise specialist and has a passion for innovation. He is the UK Master trainer for BungyPump – a range of ‘pump action’ poles that can be integrated into workout walks or used for resistance work.

Ted Rose

Ted, aged 56 was always fit playing Rugby in his 20’s and Triathlons thereafter. In 1992 he married Kerley (NWUK Instructor) who was a Nursing Sister at the time.

He was a Consultant Cardiologist until he had to retire early on medical grounds in October 2011 with what was all thought to be progressive MS, which had started in the mid 1990’s.

By May 2012 his mobility was very limited, he managed to get around with a stick or Zimmer frame and needed a wheelchair at times.

Kerley became a Nordic Walking instructor in 2010 and was studying the Nordic Walking UK exercise referral course; she thought some of Ted’s symptoms looked more like Parkinson’s Disease that she was reading about. He was reassessed and a Consultant Neurologist agreed; within 2 days of starting new medication he was transformed amazingly, suddenly able to walk 50 yards without even a stick.

Further improvement came with physiotherapy, determination and Nordic Walking instruction from Kerley; Ted started helping at her classes and qualified as an Instructor earlier this year. He has recently walked up Snowdon and uses Exerstrider poles frequently, not just in classes but also walking around town, holiday theme-parks, airports etc. He is adamant that he can’t do without them!!

Ted’s walking has also been helped by a Functional Electrical Stimulation device, with electrodes attached to his left leg, triggered by a footswitch.

This helps to dorsiflex his left foot preventing footdrop and improving his gait, reducing the risk of tripping. One of their regular walkers in Runcorn also has an FES for her MS and ted has a keen interest in how Nordic walking and these devices can impact on mobility for PD. He is more than happy to share his story and join in discussion relating to both Parkinson’s and MS.