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Entry Terms & Conditions

Finally, in Summary

  • We will do everything to look after you on the day:
  • The Purbeck Nordic Walking Marathon is around 27 miles – it’s More than a Marathon!
  • The Purbeck Nordic Walking Marathon will start at 8am.
  • The Purbeck Nordic Walking 16 is around 16.5 miles – it’s More than a Half!
  • The Purbeck Nordic Walking 16 will start at 8am.
  • Registration will take place PRIOR to the event day – numbers must be collected in advance or be sent out by prior arrangement
  • There is a course limit of 11 hours with progressive closures.
  • There will be water stops, however, we highly recommend Walking with either a refillable bottle or a camelbak type carrier.
  • Medical support will be provided
  • Transport back to Swanage will be provided if needed

These will be a very challenging events. There is no walking classification for ‘very hilly’!!!!!! Please don’t expect it to be like a city walk, as it isn’t! The coastal path is predominantly clay soil. This means that it becomes extremely muddy and slippery in damp weather but very hard and dusty in dry weather. Please bear this in mind and dress appropriately.

You are likely to be sharing the paths with other people and livestock. Please treat everyone and everything with the utmost respect. All gates must be closed behind you.

Please do not leave any litter. If we leave a mess then we will not be allowed to run this event in the future. There are bins at each water station and the marshals will be happy to take your rubbish.

The appropriate level of first aid cover will be provided however you are responsible for your own heath and should be fit to compete in the event. If you are in any doubt consult you doctor.

This route has been tested regularly, not always in one go! We hope you enjoy walking it as much as we do!

As the walks, workshop and challenge timetables have been designed according to pre-booking numbers for each day and associated costs have been accounted for, all Festival tickets are NON refundable and NON transferable after 29th February 2020. If you are unable to attend the festival due to injury or illness we can defer your booking to a future festival.

Whilst the organisers will try to accommodate reasonable requests for changes to bookings it will not be possible to switch sessions pre booked either in the lead up to the event or once at the Festival for health and safety reasons.

The Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival is a part of The Purbeck Outdoor Weekend along with The Purbeck Running Festival.

The Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival walks, workshops and social events are organised by Nordic Walking UK.

Registered Office:
Exercise Anywhere Ltd
2 Chapel Court
Holly Walk
Leamington Spa
CV32 4YS
Co Reg no 05273896 | Vat no 851943411

The Nordic Marathon and Nordic 16 are part of the Purbeck Outdoor Weekend and organised by ‘The Purbeck Marathon’ a registered company limited by guarantee.

Registered Office:
Herston Cross House
230 High Street
BH19 2PQ
Registration Number: 08488477

Registered in England and Wales
Tel: +44 (0) 1929 423319
Mob: +44 (0) 7516 950079
Mail: info [{a t}] thepurbeckmarathon [{d o t}] co[{d o t}]uk
Web: http://thepurbeckmarathon.co.uk

Martin Payne           Event and Media Management
Lesley Gardner       Admin and Finance Management
Jason Haiselden      Logistics and Liaison Management

Disclaimer: Participants accept that endurance walking should only be undertaken by persons who have undertaken a training regime.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are medically fit and capable of completing The Purbeck Nordic Walking Marathon or The Purbeck Nordic Walking 16 distances and to seek appropriate medical advice prior to participation.  Participation in the event is entirely at your own risk and that by entering, participants acknowledge that the event shall not be liable for death, injury, loss or damage arising from participation in the event save to the extent that is caused by our negligence.