Challenge Day Information

What you need to know on challenge day!


Start Times

The Purbeck Nordic Walking Marathon and Nordic 16 both start at 8am

There will be a challenge briefing 15 minutes before the start and then the challenge will start as soon as the briefing finishes. Anyone arriving after the challenge has started and the sweepers have left will NOT be allowed to start. There are no exceptions to this rule. Both Nordic Walking events will start on the Downs overlooking Swanage Pier, adjacent to the Broad Rd car park, but will finish in Sand pit field after walking along the first part of Shore Road.

Numbers and Chips

 All numbers and chips will need to be collected before event day

You will be able to collect your number and chip from the Hub on Thursday 13th September between 4 – 7 pm or on Friday the 14th September from 8am to 8pm. If you can’t make these times please contact us on 0333 1234 540.

Please see a map of the key locations in Swanage


There are changing areas near the festival hub on Sandpit Field.


There will be toilets at Sandpit Field and in addition there are public toilets on Shore Road. Please note that there are no dedicated toilets at the start area, however public toilets are located along with the sea front (near the finish), on the pier north of the start and at the end of Peveril Point Road. Please see the link to the Swanage map above. Please do not use the bushes as this will not endear us with anyone.


Can be dropped near to the start in Prince Albert Gardens and will be transported to the finish for when you get there! We have limited space so please only bring a small bag and ensure that it is marked with your challenge number and name (we will provide labels). There are no specific event’ toilets around the course but public toilets can be found at Durlston Visitor’s Centre and also at Tyneham, just as you enter the village (100m before the water station).


On completion of the events you will be presented with a medal and a t-shirt.


Will take place at the BBQ at the Hub in Corfe Castle at approximately 6.30pm subject to all the prize winners having completed their event.


Results will be posted on our website as soon as possible after the events.

The finish area:

Please note that friends and family will not be allowed into the area just behind the finish. We need to keep this clear for participants/first aiders etc.


If you have any please send to 


We would appreciate all your feedback; good and bad. This will help ensure that this event improves every year.

Finally, in Summary

We will do everything to look after you on the day: The Purbeck Nordic Walking Marathon is around 27 miles – it’s More than a Marathon! The Purbeck Nordic Walking 16 is around 16.5 miles – it’s More than a Half! Both the Purbeck Nordic Walking Marathon and Nordic Walking 16 will start at 8am.

There is a course limit of 11 hours with progressive closures. There will be water stops, however, we highly recommend Walking with either a refillable bottle or a camelbak type carrier. Medical support will be provided. Transport back to Swanage will be provided if needed.

These will be a very challenging events. There is no walking classification for ‘very hilly’!!! Please don’t expect it to be like a city walk, as it isn’t! The coastal path is predominantly clay soil. This means that it becomes extremely muddy and slippery in damp weather but very hard and dusty in dry weather. Please bear this in mind and dress appropriately. You are likely to be sharing the paths with other people and livestock. Please treat everyone and everything with the utmost respect. All gates must be closed behind you. Please do not leave any litter. If we leave a mess then we will not be allowed to run this event in the future. There are bins at each water station and the marshals will be happy to take your rubbish.

The appropriate level of first aid cover will be provided however you are responsible for your own heath and should be fit to compete in the event. If you are in any doubt consult you doctor. This route has been tested regularly, not always in one go! We hope you enjoy walking it as much as we do!